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Renegade.fm is an internet radio station playing music from the entire spectrum of electronic dance. Summoning the spirit of the days we spent involved with pirate radio, we aim to bring the same vibe and culture to listeners around the world through their smartphones, tablets and computers.

We have a roster of DJs predominantly from London, Essex and south east England, including seasoned veterans and fresh talent alike, spinning the finest music, both old and new. We don’t make any profit from running Renegade.fm – it’s all for the love!

Would you like to play on Reneagde.fm

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting acts to add to our pool of performers. If you’re looking for exposure and think you’re ready for the internet airwaves, hit us up and show us what you can do.

Advertising on Renegade.fm

Advertising on Renegade.fm is a great way to reach a new audience for your product or service. Our listeners are enthusiastic dance and electronic music lovers with an affinity for technology. We offer audio advertising, every two hours between shows, and banner placements on our website. We’re happy to offer free or discounted advertising for charities, non-profit organisations and community projects.

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